Sunday, February 24, 2013

RokBeats Music Player- More features added

Thanks for the overwhelming response and feedback! New release includes bug fixes and two new features. More to come! 

  • Ability to view what is playing currently through tab 'Current Playlist'
  • Notification widget for playback
  • Easier search with alphabetical indexes when fast scrolling
  • Pause music when headphones are disconnected. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

RokBeats Music Player BETA first launch

As an amateur drummer, I transcribe the drum parts of songs I like using only a mechanical pencil and blank music sheets. I feel great when I can play these songs after I get all the parts down on paper, and eventually memorize the beats for life. I use my phone as my main music player, and my main motivation in creating this app is to help me and all other musicians who love transcribing as much as I do by being able to loop one part of a song repeatedly until I get all the beats written down correctly. For drummers, fills are the epitome of songs. Looping these crazy fills over and over again with the help of my app is going to help me become the sickest drummer alive. Here are some screenshots.

Link to app: RokBeats Music Player